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In the UK GT used to be handled by Caratti, a third party distributor, now it's handled directly by Schwinn/GT. But it may go back to a third party distributor. GT stockists are used to a rollercoaster ride...

Swings and roundabouts for Schwinn/GT in UK

According to an interview on www.bicycleretailer.com with Schwinn/GT’s director of international sales and operations, Schwinn/GT may soon change operations in its UK, French and German subsidiaries.

"We are not happy with performance in those markets, within the context of our global business. Were looking at options as to what we want to do with those businesses, but we have not made any decision on what direction we want to go," said Rob Mossman

The company distributes worldwide through 100 third-party distributors.

"That might give you a window as to what were looking at," Mossman told Bicycle Retailer & Industry News of the US (www.bicycleretailer.com)

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