Colony and Academy bikes able to be bought with £100 discount for each scooter brought in. Dealer margin maintained.

Tabletop Distribution offering ‘scooter trade-in’ for new BMX bikes

Tabletop Distribution has launched an innitiative to assist its dealers in BMX sales, by offering a ‘scooter trade in’ discount.

With margins maintained against the £100 credit, customers who bring in a scooter for trade will be given £100 off the retail price of 2013 Colony and Academy bikes. The dealer will be charged a trade price allowing them to retail the bike for £100 less while retaining the same margin.

Alan Woods of Tabletop Distribution told BikeBiz: "Colony ran this programme in Australia a couple of years ago in their scooter boom and it was enormously successful."

This offer is open to all existing dealers and new dealers depending on location.

Woods added: "The only commitment is to buy just a minimum of one Academy and one Colony bike (any models) with free delivery. After this a dealer can buy as many they like while the promo is running. We will supply an A2 window poster plus swing tags and a staff T-shirt with the offer on. We’ve kept it as simple of possible. Dealer takes the scooter in as part-ex, it’s up to them whether they stipulate it has to be fixed, stunt scooter, good condition, etc. What they do with it is up to them too – they may want re-sell the better ones, give them to charity, weigh them in for scrap, take them to the tip – whatever! If it gets kids into BMX it’s all good."

Dealers must be signed up this week to allow stocks and POS to be despatched in time for the weekend.

Tabletop Distribution: 01942 244999.

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