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Cyclehoop celebrates ten years of business

Cyclehoop is celebrating ten years of business this year. The journey began when managing director Anthony Lau’s bike was stolen from a lamppost, inspiring him to design the Cyclehoop. The Cyclehoop went on to win the ‘Reinventing the Bike Shed’ competition and the business started in 2008. The first batch …

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Insurance coverage offered on 7,000 London cycle parking spaces

Most insurers currently classify a bike parked in one of London’s Cyclehoop Bikehangars as being in the same category as a standard outdoor bike stand, meaning that after 12 or 24 hours, the bike is uninsured against theft or damage. After recent changes to its policy, Bikmo now offers the …

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Homeless former Halfords mechanic warming hearts in London

When Maxwell Emmanuel was diagnosed with bladder cancer last year it’s said that he lost his job as a Halfords bike mechanic, and he subsequently became homeless. However, he is now back fixing bikes from a public bike tool stand outside Liverpool Street station. His tale, and his desire to work, …

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