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Scotland sees continued increase in cycling as lockdown eases

Scotland has seen a continued increase in cycling despite the further easing of lockdown, new data has shown. According to statistics released today by Cycling Scotland, July saw a 44% increase in cycling compared to the same month last year. In ten locations the increase topped 100%, headed by counters …

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Cycling’s modal share increases five-fold in Scotland

Cycling Scotland has released the results of its twice-yearly nationwide all-traffic survey. Taking place in May and September every year at around 100 locations across Scotland, the all-traffic survey counts how many people use cars, taxis, vans, HGVs, buses, coaches and bikes to get from A to B. The analysis …

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Scotland continues to see ‘significant’ increase in cycling during lockdown

Parts of Scotland are continuing to see a significant increase in people cycling during lockdown. According to statistics released yesterday by Cycling Scotland, a counter in Denny recorded an increase of 318% in May, with Livingston seeing a 249% uplift, compared to May 2019.Cycling Scotland has a network of automatic …

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Scotland sees increase in cycling since social distancing measures introduced

Parts of Scotland have seen an increase in people cycling on roads since social distancing measures were introduced to combat COVID-19, new data shows. According to statistics released yesterday by Cycling Scotland, a counter in Dunfermline recorded an increase of 215% with the number of people cycling at a Dundee …

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