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Wiggle-CRC to join BA’s leadership group and market data service

Wiggle-CRC has confirmed today that it will join the Bicycle Association’s (BA) leadership group and participate in its new market data service. The new BA vision centres around securing a “strong, united and influential industry”, giving every child the opportunity to cycle and making cycling an easier choice for everyone. …

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Analysing the bike-sharing economy

Commercialisation and public bike sharing remain prominent trends in the bicycle parking racks market. The rapid pace of urbanisation hasn’t been without its own share of challenges. Increasing air pollution and chaotic road traffic, especially in urban centres, continues to be a challenge for Governments all around the world. Addressing …

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Over a third of small businesses not driven by profit, new report finds

Over a third of small businesses are not primarily driven by profit, a new report has found. The Small Business Community Impact report, released by peak b, is the culmination of four months of research, interviews and online surveys with thousands of small businesses. Sponsored by Indeed and TSB, it found that …

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Millennials spending more on hobbies, including cycling

Millennials are spending more money on their hobbies than any other generation, according to Thistle research.  The study found that millennials – those aged 18-34 – have already spent more money than retirees have throughout their entire lifetime. Seventy per cent (35 million UK adults) own special equipment for their …

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E-bike market to expand annually by five per cent for the next seven years

With a compound annual growth rate of 4.9 per cent the $16.34 billion global electric bike market will be worth $23.83 billion by 2025. That’s according to a new report published by Allied Market Research of the US. Snappily titled Electric Bikes Market by Product Type, Drive Mechanism, and Battery …

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Data: Obstacle, or opportunity?

Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve received a huge number of questions regarding GDPR and what it will mean for brands and retailers throughout the UK. The first thing to do is not panic! Any initial non-compliance will not lead to huge fines, or EU agents waiting on your office …

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