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National policies on cycling infrastructure needed to stave off obesity crisis, says WHO

Cycling for transport is cited as a key solution to keeping people fit and healthy, says a major new study in The Lancet. 36 per cent of adults in the UK are insufficiently active, claims the study. Governments must provide and maintain infrastructure that promotes increased walking and cycling for …

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New online tool demonstrates health and financial benefits of cycling to work

Cycle Republic’s new “Cyculator” tool is offering commuters the chance to evaluate their personal financial and health gains from avoiding public transport and driving.  The company has used Google Maps’ API to build an interface calculating the daily and annual overheads of commuter journeys. For example, a year of commuting …

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E-bikes could play “big role” in diabetes treatment

E-bikes will play a “big role” in future diabetes treatment, according to 50cycles founder Scott Snaith. The statement follows research from the University of Oslo finding that just 45 minutes of cycling can help balance blood sugar levels and ward off Type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetics have lower sensitivity …

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Ditch the drive to work

New research published in medical journal Heart adds to the many other studies that prove cycling to work is good for you and driving there is bad. Swapping your car for more physically active forms of travel may reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke and premature death, say the study’s …

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BBC tells nation that cycling hard for just 3 minutes a week is best fitness regime

Forget 10,000 steps a day, the best way of getting – and staying – fit is to cycle very hard at least three times a week. So said BBC’s The Truth About Getting Fit. Host Michael Mosley and researchers from Sheffield Hallam University conducted an experiment on high-intensity interval training, …

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