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Collective of European Importers of Electric Bikes “utterly dismayed” by commission import decision

The Collective of European Importers of Electric Bikes has expressed its opposition to the Commission’s decision to register imports. “While there is still no conclusive evidence for the accusation that imports are injuring the EU industry, the regulation threatens importers with the possible retroactive collection of sky-high dumping duties. This …

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Commission confirms registration for Chinese e-bike imports

The European Commission has confirmed that as of 4th May, EU customs’ authorities will start to register the import of cycles, with pedal assistance, with an auxiliary electric motor, currently falling within CN codes 8711 60 10 and ex 8711 60 90 (TARIC code 8711 60 90 10) and originating …

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Importers’ Collective releases statement on anti-dumping legislation

The Importers’ Collective, which includes British brands such as electric bike company Wisper, has released a new statement on the position of the European Council on new anti-dumping legislation. The statement is presented in full below: “The Collective welcomes the approval by the European Council of the new anti-dumping legislation, …

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