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Diversification is not a dirty word

The modern retailer has a huge number of sales and promotional tools at its disposal. In addition to the accepted ‘must haves’, such as great premises, an attractive website, interesting stock, knowledgeable and friendly staff, and engaging social media, there is so much more that can be done to grab …

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How can an IBD implement visual merchandising?

Although some high-street stores are going through difficulties, many are adapting to changing consumer habits and succeeding, and there’s absolutely no reason why your bike brand can’t do the same. Visual merchandising has been a major selling process for many years. Perhaps now more than ever, however, executing a successful …

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Marketing a business in the cycling industry

Put simply, a marketing strategy is the plan of action behind achieving your goals. Making a plan will help you market more effectively. A good plan will identify a variety of activities including the content you’ll create, the medium and frequency you’ll share and the events you’ll attend, to name …

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Don’t rest on your laurels

Some of the best advice I have ever been given was ‘when the world changes around you, just listen and you’ll find your way’. While that all sounds very mysterious and ‘zen’, the principle applies perfectly to the retail landscape and indeed to any company in any industry looking to sustain …

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12-year-old cycling industry podcast airs look-back episode

The Spokesmen Cycling Roundtable Podcast was first broadcast in August 2006 and, at the weekend, it aired its 200th episode. Co-hosted by Carlton Reid. the celebratory episode features audio from guests the show has interviewed over the years, including rider Jen Voigt, who explained his "shut up legs" epithet. The …

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Data: Obstacle, or opportunity?

Throughout the last few weeks, I’ve received a huge number of questions regarding GDPR and what it will mean for brands and retailers throughout the UK. The first thing to do is not panic! Any initial non-compliance will not lead to huge fines, or EU agents waiting on your office …

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