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Orbea releases new Ordu bike

Orbea has launched its new Ordu bike – “an elegant blend of aerodynamics, weight, handling and ergonomics”. The new Ordu frame offers a total drag reduction of 11.5%, the company said, which translates into an aerodynamic improvement of 41 seconds over a 180 kilometre run at an average of 43 …

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Orbea launches new Gain eRoad

Orbea has launched the new Gain eRoad. “Gain’s new motor is the heart of the bike and the key component behind the Enough Energy concept,” said a statement. “Its sophisticated transmission system provides smooth, balanced and reliable pedalling assistance that improves your rides without disconnecting you from the satisfaction of …

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Orbea resumes production in Spain

Orbea has resumed its production after a two-week suspension of its manufacturing activity. The Spanish Government has now lifted the shutdown order for non-essential business, and Orbea says it’s “back to work with more passion than ever”. “We’re all experiencing some truly difficult days,” said a statement on the brand’s …

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