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Laka teams up with Seopa to bring its bike cover to Quotezone and Compare NI

Laka has teamed up with Seopa in order to bring its bicycle cover to the Quotezone.co.uk and CompareNI.com comparison platforms. “Traditional insurance models, with annual contracts, complex clauses, excesses and painful claims processes are broken,” said Tobias Taupitz, CEO and co-founder at Laka. “Our customers work as a collective to …

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Bike thefts fall by 21% in 12 months

The number of bike thefts reported to the police has fallen in the past 12 months, with approximately 19,000 fewer incidents compared to the year before. According to UK CrimeStats, using data gathered by the Economic Policy Centre, there were more than 90,000 reported incidents from July 2018 to June …

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E-bike insurance set to be offered in Northern Ireland after proposed law change

A Northern Ireland comparison website is set to offer insurance for e-bike users after a proposed change to the law which will boost the use of electric bikes in the province. Compare NI has said that Stormont’s plans to reclassify e-bikes as bicycles rather than mopeds will lead to an …

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