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Stage Intelligence’s AI platform to be deployed in bike share scheme in Paris

Stage Intelligence, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform provider for Mobility and Logistics, has partnered with Smovengo, a consortium made up of Smoove, Moventia, Mobivia and Park Indigo, to deploy its BICO AI optimisation platform across the Velib in Paris. The partnership will enable Smovengo to use AI to increase the …

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Tembici to deploy Stage Intelligence’s AI Platform across Latin America

Stage Intelligence has been selected by bike share company Tembici to deploy its BICO AI optimisation platform in cities across Latin America.  AI will be used to automate and accelerate Tembici’s operations creating efficiencies across its bike share schemes as well as reducing its impact on the environment. The initial …

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AI increases Bike Share Scheme growth, data shows

Stage Intelligence has released data showing how AI impacts Bike Share Scheme growth, efficiency and sustainability. The data shows ridership increases across schemes in Divvy Bikes in Chicago, City Bikes in Helsinki, and MIBICI in Guadalajara, Mexico, since deploying Stage Intelligence’s BICO AI Platform. Divvy Bikes had an increase of 0.75 rides …

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Stage Intelligence appoints Tom Nutley as CEO

Stage Intelligence has appointed Tom Nutley as CEO. The appointment marks the next phase of growth for Stage Intelligence as it uses its BICO Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to solve an increasing number of challenges in mobility and logistics. Nutley has spent the last two years expanding the AI platform …

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Helsinki CityBike bike share scheme to use AI to accommodate growth

UK Stage Intelligence has partnered with Moventia and CityBike Finland OY to deploy its BICO artificial intelligence (AI) platform in to support Helsinki’s bike share scheme. According to Stage, the BICO AI actively collects a large amount of city data in an effort to simplify and improve how the bike-sharing …

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Stage Intelligence implements bike share tech in Guadalajara

Bike share scheme management company Stage Intelligence has been selected by BKT bicipública, a Central American bike share operator, to deploy its BICO bike share management platform. BKT operates the MIBICI system in Guadalajara. Stage’s deployment with BKT is the first time AI will be used in a bike share …

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