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Stromer ST5 with Blubrake ABS wins 2021 iF Design Award

The new Stromer ST5 with Blubrake ABS has won a 2021 iF Design Award. “We have contributed to the safety of the Stromer ST5 ABS without marring its design,” said Fabio Todeschini, founder and general manager of Blubrake. “We take pride in what the iF Design Award acknowledges: that Blubrake’s …

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Blubrake partners with Stromer to develop S-Pedelec with integrated ABS

Blubrake has partnered with Stromer to develop the Stromer ST5 ABS, the first S-Pedelec with a frame integrated ABS, set to launch in June 2021. “We’re especially pleased with this partnership,” said Fabio Todeschini, Blubrake’s general manager, “because we believe there are huge strides to be made in terms of …

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