Online Direct store stocking £240 Lamborghini

Tesco selling ‘Lamborghini’ model

Tesco Direct has begun selling a Lamborghini branded bicycle at a not-so performance price of £240.

The model is described as follows:

"This boy’s Lamborghini Toro dual suspension mountain bike has 26-inch lightweight alloy wheels on an 18-inch alloy frame with a bold green and black colour scheme. This bike is suitable for boys aged 12 years plus with an inside leg measurement of 71-92cm and features 21-speed indexed Shimano TX31 gears with Sram MRX shifters, powerful mechanical front disc and V-style rear brakes, front suspension and a fully adjustable rear shock unit.

"This world-class Lamborghini bike has comfort and performance worthy of the Lamborghini brand."

Bill Kennedy, a buyer for Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op commented: "Jeremy Clarkson once said of Lamborghinis: ‘The air conditioning in Lamborghinis used to be an asthmatic sitting in the dashboard blowing at you through a straw. And, can you imagine trying to order a Big Mac through this? in relation to the minimal amount the windows wind down.

"Step forward the new Lamborghini Toro 26. All the benefits of a soft top, without the problems of scuttle shake, 360 degree visibility guaranteed, Air conditioning as standard, Big Mac compatible out of the showroom. A real head turner."

Steve owner of Real Cycles added: "If Lambo brings its legendary reliability to the MTB world we better start looking for another mechanic, it’s gonna be a busy summer.

"Wonder if this machine will tempt Clarkson onto a bike?"

Of other items appearing on the Tesco Direct website, the latest Thule Euroclassic G5 features, as do various licensed kids’ bikes beginning around the £30 mark.

Thanks to BikeRumor for the tip off.

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