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BMX web giant launches TCUmtb.com

The Come Up expands into MTB

The Come Up BMX has today announced a mountain biking site launched dubbed TCUmtb.com.

Backed by the owner of the 20-inch specialist website Adam Grandmaison, the new website has hired help in the form of mountain bikers Phil Sundbaum and Jeremy Harrison.

Grandmaison said of the appointments: "I’ve spent a ton of time talking to these guys over the past few months and they’re great guys who I am happy to have representing The Come Up.

"When I launhed The Come Up in 2006, other BMX websites were cluttered with boring news, useless product reviews and banal bike checks, we cut away the fat and focused on what the rider’s wanted; great content scoured from all over the web. It’s a tireless job but one that needed to be done for the good of the community.

"Now it’s 2011 and we decided it was time to bring the same brutal honesty and simple aesthetic that turned BMX on it’s head to the MTB world. We’ve got love for all kinds of bicycling and the utmost respect for the history and culture of mountain biking so we’ve partnered with some of the most knowledgable MTB guys in the game and we’re ready to bring a breath of fresh air to the MTB world just like we did to BMX."

The new site’s Twitter feed is found here.

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