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Since the news broke on September 17th, the trade-only part of www.bikebiz.co.uk has been running an average of two stories per day about the shameful destruction of Sturmey Archer. The DTI may launch an investigation; MPs are to ask questions in the House of Commons; government ministers have expressed their concern; the Mail on Sunday has devoted full pages to the shocking story four weeks in a row. Click on through for the full, sorry saga

The death of Sturmey Archer: whos to blame?

Sorry, but the main body of the site is trade-only. But, if youre interested, most of the Sturmy-woz-robbed articles are reprinted here.

This is because the story should be aired in public. It’s now not just a bike trade story.

Read the articles consecutively to get the full flavour of how a venerable British brand could be collapsed through no fault of its own. But set aside an hour or so, theres an awful lot of material here. Check back regularly for the latest instalments. This isnt a story I’m going to let die.




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