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A press release from Raleigh's PR agency says orders are being taken for the last few remaining numbered Choppers. 2004 special edition Choppers were produced, numbered from 0001 to, er, 2004. The press release contains the numbers chosen by the celebs given free promo bikes.

The number’s up for Raleigh

Celeb Chopper numbers:

0007 – Musician Jay Kay.

0015 – Jamie ‘flavour of the month’ Oliver chose 0015 to match the name of his restaurant “15” in Westland Place, London.

0023 – David Beckham wanted the number on his England shirt.

1970 – England and Manchester City goalie David James, who owns five original Raleigh Choppers, chose his birth year.

0070 – With 1970 gone, Britain’s richest comedian Johnny Vegas chose 0070.

0666 – The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins went with the number of the beast…


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