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The BicycleBusiness industry bike ride took place last night in glorious June weather. We got 35 industry figures out on their bikes.

The sun shines on the righteous

And what a selection of bikes on show! From Cannondale Ravens to ancient no-name roadsters. And from Lycra skin-suits to chinos and Panama hats…

Anyway, here’s what you missed…


Top – is this a pic from an EP-X lifestyle ad? Nope, it’s Tasha and Ian Beetison trying to catch up with the fastest riders.

Right – Paul Stanforth of Saracen

Third from bottom – Rob Kinsey of Raw Experience, Mike Poyzer of Super Cycles, DDG etc, and David Wilsher, president of the ACT.

Second from bottom – Clive Gosling (ex of Cannondale, and with business plans on the go right now) and John Moore

Bottom – Another shot of Clive, this time getting rather friendly with journalist Guy Kesteven

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