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Got £25 000 to spare? Then bid for 75 000 front mechs. Or buy 10 aluminium MTB frames for just £250. Many more cracking bargains were uploaded to our auction site yesterday

Tons of bankrupt stock for sale

What is usually a tranquil zone with the odd white elephant wandering through went bonkers yesterday!

An anonymous trader uploaded a whole host of deals, thanks to his purchase of some bankrupt stock.

The deals include:

"ATB boys (red/yellow) and girls (yellow/red) 11" oversize framesets. Carriage at cost

Sold in 2’s. Qty: 100. Place a bid for this item at £1200."

"Spark Front Derrailleurs. 28.6mm diam. Down Pull. Qty: Approx 75,000. Deliv UK Mainland FOC. Place a bid for this item at £25000."

"ATB style unpainted aluminium frames. Sizes 16" 18" 20" (even qty of each), boxed in 2’s

c/w replaceable rear dropout. Qty: 10. Carriage at cost. Place a bid for this item at £250."

There’s much, much more.

If you want to have fuller details before making your bids there are some much cheaper items, too – please email auction@bikebiz.co.uk and we’ll pass your questions on to the trader on your behalf.

To get to the auction page, select the red ‘BikeBiz Auction’ hyperlink at the bottom of every page.

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