With 10 000 individual readers per month, the GoFar-mtb website is not reaching magazine numbers yet but its a hard-core 10 000 and now advertisers can see if theyre getting their moneys worth

Track your hits with GoFar-mtb.com

GoFar advertisers are now issued with their own username and password with which to log on to the GoFar ads server. Once connected the advertiser discover how many views their banner ad has received since it was first added to the site, in the last week and even the previous 24 hours.

Statistics showing how many readers have clicked on their banner

and been transported instantly to the advertisers own website are also displayed. The time that users clicked on the banner is also displayed.

Banner ads on GoFar are paid for by buying credits. ‘Click throughs’ to an advertisers own website cost £1 per click. Banner views cost 1p per view.

Logging on to the new advertisers server will show how much credit an advertiser has remaining and further credits can be bought at any time to ‘top up’ an account and keep the banner live.

With a minimum credit order at only £20, high quality advertising is now

well within the reach of all businesses no matter how small their marketing budget, says Mark Alker of GoFar.

Tel: 01282 603332

email: develop@gofar-mtb.com

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