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...if you take the B3 data correction sheets at face value

Trade is going swimmingly…

We sent out just under 5000 address confirmation sheets for the BikeBizBible a fortnight ago. Our postman groans under the weight of the returns each day. Naturally, were picking up lots of bold entries and display ads, the books going out free to 2500 trade addresses after all, but you wouldnt believe how many companies even some big ones tick the I dont need any extra business box!


If you havent sent the B3 form back to us because all the details were correct, please reconsider. We can only confim businesses still exist if the forms are returned. If Raleigh neglected to return their form wed still send them a free BikeBizBible, but if Obscure Marketing Ltd. didnt confirm they are still trading we might think twice about sending them what is a very expensive book to produce. Email your confirmations to B3@bikebiz.co.uk

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