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Bikeforall.net has been redesigned and recoded from the ground up. It will go live at the end of next week. Before then get yourself along to the dev site and check out the upgrades. IBDs ought to pay close attention to their business details on the 'where to buy' dealer listings. Event organisers - including IBDs with shop rides – should submit their events.

TRADE-ONLY: take sneak peak at new industry web portal

As trade-only readers of this site – many of you will be contributors to Bike Hub, which pays for Bikeforall – feel free to take a sneak peak at the development side of Bikeforall.net.

Event organisers – including IBDs with bike shop rides – can start entering their events here: http://dev.bikeforall.net/events.php – scroll to the bottom and click the "SUBMIT MY EVENT" button.

The new site is not yet finished, there’s a lot of editorial content to place on it before the end of next week and there are links that go to odd places, but there’s enough working to give you a broad idea of how the site will pan out.

In April, a big budget marketing campaign, paid for by Cycling England, will make Bikeforall the best promoted cycle website ever.


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