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UKTV, the 'best of' channel, is creating a sports slot to accommodate the Olympics show. The one and a half hour programmes will air on the UKTV G2 network at 6.30pm, starting on Saturday October 14th. Track cycling - one of the key medal winning sports - will be featured heavily, including highlights of national championships. BMX will also be featured.

UK cable channel to air weekly programme on 2012 Olympics

UKTV Sport’s 10-week programme will promote the London 2012 Olympics and will try to reach out to would-be medallists.

Highlights of national championships from many Olympic sports will be featured but UKTV Sport wants to gets kids off sofas and into sports by "giving its subject matter a lifestyle slant."

The programme makers say they want to "inspire complete novices to try out new sports."

Olympic gold medal winner Denise Lewis will present a slot called Everyday Sport, which will encourage people to incorporate sport into their everyday lives. Cycling fits there quite well: have you ever tried netballing to work?

There will also be plugs for personalities such as women’s BMX champion, Shanaze Reade:

"One of UKTV Sport’s main aims will be to actively identify some of the UK’s potential gold medal winners whether in BMX biking to diving," said UKTV.

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