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Hot Wheels has ended its distribution agreement with Redline BMX of America, but wants to find a new distributor to take on the brand

UK distributor of Redline seeks…UK distributor for Redline

After what Russell Merry of Hot Wheels descibed as an "amicable split", the Merry partnership has offered to find a replacement UK distributor for Redline.

"Fresh blood into the fast growing BMX market will enable more pages of advertising in the magazines and a new event sponsor to help the category continue to grow," said Merry.

Hot Wheels had been the Redline distributor for ten years.

"It has become no longer possible for Hot Wheels to give the Redline brand enough commitment and effort with a greater portion of Hot Wheels revenue coming from other

brands," said Merry.

Tel: 01202 424945

More details from Brent@redlinebicycles.com, Redline’s worldwide sales manager.

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