Billed as “the most glamorous bicycle show on Earth”, the plan is for Like Bike to be staged in Monaco, Easter 2015.

Ultra-luxe bicycle expo planned for billionaire’s bay

Plenty of Formula One drivers keep fit on upscale bicycles as do many millionaires so it’s not a total surprise that Monaco is to get its own bicycle show. Like Bike, planned for Easter 2015, will be dripping with luxe bikes but there will also be a night race on roads that are used for the Monaco Grand Prix, and an evening cocktail party at The Yacht club of Monaco.

A promotional video, embedded on the prospective show’s website, is pulsating, pro and – to the probable consternation of many – features bikini-clad women with no visible connection to bicycles.

The show’s website says: "Monaco, one the most heavily populated and highest net worth countries in the world per capita, continues to attract celebrities, VIPs, Royalty, business leaders and immensely wealthy people from around the globe … [It is also] the home of many professional cyclists and numerous amateur enthusiasts."

The show is set to open on Friday April 3rd 2015 and the plan is for it to be staged in the Grimaldi Forum, an exhibition centre in the centre of Monaco.

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