Unprecedented snow shuts down 2Pure warehouse

Due to the rising levels of snow around the UK, distributor 2Pure has been forced to cease warehouse operations. 

A statement from the brand read: "“Unfortunately, due to adverse weather conditions we have closed our warehouse today. We were unable to ship any orders yesterday due to the red weather warnings in place across Scotland. Our office is extremely short staffed today, therefore we ask that if you cannot get through to someone please contact your account manager direct. List of reps are below along with contact details.

We apprecaite your understanding in this matter. Thanks from a very snowed in team at 2Pure!”

North & Ireland Account Manager

Blair Whitside

Phone: 07834 451690

E-mail: blairwhiteside@2pure.co.uk

Middle Account Manager

Rodney Rouse

Phone: 07714 292170

E-mai: rodneyrouse@2pure.co.uk

South Account Manager

Mike Isaac

Phone: 07540 690021

E-mail: mikeisaac@2pure.co.uk

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