VEE Tire Co releases a new city / trekking tyre

The new tyre is designed for improved puncture resistance and better margins for retailers.

VEE Tire Co. has confirmed the release of a new city/trekking tyre named the City Cruze.

The City Cruze is a puncture-protected tyre that takes inspiration from the brand’s pre-existing city/trekking range.

“Most puncture protected tyres are used in city environments where start-stop riding is the norm, we have increased puncture resistance beyond our competitors whilst reducing weight for consumers and in the overall long-term creating a better riding experience,” commented the VEE Tire Co marketing team.

When a sharp object tries to perforate the new puncture protection layers, the density of the new aramid belt around the entry point increases, making for enhanced resistance to penetration. As a result, the foreign body cannot go through the warp and weft of the inner puncture protection layers.

Another area that VEE Tire Co. has worked on excessively is increasing the margins for retailers. “We have identified that we are able to offer retailers up to 60 per cent margin on the new City Cruze and forms part of distribution model for IBD’s of offering unparalleled margins,” added the VEE Tire Co sales team.

The VEE Tire Co. City Cruze is available in 700c x 35 through to 38.

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