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Peter Eland's eclectic quarterly cycle magazine has been nominated for a 2002 Utne Independent Press Award. Nominations aren't sought, they're awarded by Utne editors, who sift through 1300 'alternative' mags and zines.

Velo Vision nominated for US alt mag award

Utne magazine is a digest of the alternative media with a paid circulation of 225 000.

The Utne Independent Press Awards recognize excellence in alternative and independent publishing.

Utne’s editors select nominee publications themselves rather than a competition requiring entry forms and fees. In this way, Utne "honours the efforts of small, sometimes unnoticed publications that provide innovative, thought-provoking perspectives often ignored or overlooked by mass media," said Utne editor Jay Walljasper.

A statement from Utne said Velo Vision is "an independent quarterly covering cycles as

transport, the forgotten possibilities of human power, and the community and social benefits of cycling. Velo Vision tackles contemporary transport issues not through anti-car rhetoric but by presenting positive examples of cycling solutions. Exciting new cycle

technology, and the imaginative ways in which cycles are used by forward-thinkers worldwide, are showcased in a professional, inspirational publication with high standards of design, writing and photography."

Velo Vision is nominated in the ‘New Paradigm Culture Coverage’ category. The other nominees are Car Busters, Fortean Times, Fourth Door Review, Resurgence and Whole Earth.

The award winners will be revealed in Utne’s January/February 2003 issue and awarded January 18th, 2003 at the Independent Press Association’s first annual convention in San Francisco.




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