Water Off a Duck's Back jackets pinched while stand broken down

Velovixen has £3,000 of stock stolen at London Bike Show

VeloVixen has told BikeBiz that it too was the victim of theft during the London Bike Show, albeit not on the scale of Tri UK.

Co-founder Phil Bingham said: "We had a few boxes delivered right to the show, rather than transport them there ourselves. This box was standard cardboard, squarish, about 50-60cm square, full of Water Off A Duck’s Back Cassandra and Livia coats (RRP £130-169).

"It was tucked right into our stock area during the show, so wouldn’t have been easily accessed there. It must have been nicked when I left the stand semi-broken down to collect the van on Sunday evening. It sounds like some well organised criminals were there."

The value of the stolen product is around £3,000.

Women’s specific retailer VeloVixen has a great background story, which you can see here.

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