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Clean, quiet and low-maintenance. Oh, and they get you in less trouble with the other half...

VIDEO: Gates’ new marketing push for the belt drive

As part of a drive to encourage more women and non cyclists aboard bikes, Gates has produced a video, dubbed ‘Get Belted’, flagging up the mess and maintenance free credentials of bikes equipped with its Carbon Drive belt.

The videos, which can be seen at the Gates Carbon Drive channel on YouTube, show the lifestyle benefits of riding a bike with Gates Carbon Drive. The first video (below), “High Maintenance Boyfriend,” pokes fun at the greasy mess of chains and features a female cyclist who comes home to find a trail of grime left by her filthy bike mechanic boyfriend.

The second video, “Built to Last,” highlights the longevity of belt drives (they typically last twice as long as chains) and shows a young mother taking her toddler, who transforms into an adolescent, for a spin in a tow-trailer.

“Gates hopes to eliminate some of the barriers to cycling by helping to create low-maintenance bikes that people can just jump on and ride, with no pre-ride lube, or work required,” says Frank Scurlock, global business development director for Gates Carbon Drive Systems.

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