Vote for the Trunk Boiz in annual YouTube gongs, and the BikeBiz editor in vlog comp

Vote cycling!

Voting in the annual YouTube awards closes later tonight.

Cycling vids don’t make it into the ‘sports’ category but there’s a classic in the ‘music’ category.

It’s a music video for ‘Scraper Bike’ by the Trunk Boiz, starring Young Champ, J-Dub aka Alexander Tha Grate, and B-Janky. And a bunch of scraper bikes, of course.

Scraper what?

"Scraper bikes: A new trend that is a part of the San Francisco Bay Area Hyphy Movement in which people ride their tricked out bikes and go stupid, dumb, retarded while on their bikes. Generally, the bikes have nice designs, such as duo-tone paint jobs, and rims or spinners. The term was coined by the rap group Trunk Boiz of Oakland, California."
Urban Dictionary.

While you’re in a voting mood why not vote for the executive editor of BikeBiz in a video blogging award scheme? Carlton Reid is up for a North East Digital Award. That’s North East as in North East of England.

Vote for here.

In other news...

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