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Its been brought to our attention that weve made a giant cock-up with the wallplanner. September starts on the wrong day! Heres what we plan to do...

Wallplanner whoops!

Drat and blast and certain stronger expletives. Our wallchart September is not the same as the real one! An extra day has been added at the front making all the subsequent days run out of sequence. Many apologies for this.

However, as soon as it was pointed out to us (by Chevron, this morning), weve been trying to dream up a fix and we think weve got one. Well produce a long, thin sticker to affix over the top of the offending month. This will contain the right days and the same listing of show dates. Paste it over the current September and all should be right again.

If any company would like to sponsor this sticker we could add a logo or two and this would then appear on everybodys wallchart.

Optimism in adversity, thats us all over!

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