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The trade mag for American outdoor recreation retailers leads this months issue with a subject regular readers of BikeBiz will know is a favourite of ours...

We are not alone

Outdoor Retailer is the main US trade mag for outdoor shops. The cover story in the January 2000 issue just shows you that the UK bike trade isnt the only industry to be poorly served with profit-making information.

In big bold type, Outdoor Retailers cover screams: We want stats! Every other industry has reliable statistics that give a clear view of the state of their market, so why dont we?

There follows a five page article listing the US outdoor industrys existing crop of statistics and what the trade mag reckons the industry should have. Needless to say, even their poor statistics are far, far in advance of anything the UK bike trade can produce for tradewide consumption.

In Outdoor Retailers view every industry should have reliable statistics to hand. Why? Reliable market research can identify consumers, markets, trends and the path to profitability.

Exactly. So, whats the BA going to do about it?


Outdoor Retailer sister title is Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. Both titles (and the Las Vegas Interbike trade show) are up for sale. They are currently owned by London-based Miller Freeman.

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