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The February stats for searches on BikeBiz.com reveal that site visitors are more interested in celeb name-drops than industry takeovers. The Dorel purchase of Pacific Cycle languishes at 19th most searched for word, whereas Michael Jackson is on top of the pile with 5.98 percent of all searches, beating Lance Armstrong's 2.45 percent. Even Lance Armstrong's current squeeze beats an industry story, with Sheryl Crow at 12th spot and, unlucky for some, True Temper at 13th.

What are BikeBiz.com visitors searching for?

In top spot is ‘Michael Jackson’ but Uri Geller – linked to that particular Michael Jackson story – figures nowhere in the top 20 search strings. Geller has yet to file the writ on BikeBiz.com, as threatened by his business partner.

Lance Armstrong is third in the most wanted list, justifying the recent spate of BikeBiz.com stories about ‘Big Tex’.

‘Karrimor’ is seventh, and ‘karrimor receivership’ is 16th. ‘Sheryl Crow’ is 11th and ‘lance armstrong sheryl crow’ is 14th.

You’d think Raleigh Chopper would be a high search item but, nope, it trails in at 17th. Dorel – recent purchaser of Pacific Cycle – is the 19th most used search term.

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