At yesterday's Pickwick Club Garden Party - packed with IBDs - at the New Connought Rooms in London, a rather surprising figure was inaugurated as a member

What the Dickens!

Specialized’s Richard Hemington became John Edmunds, ‘the convict’.

There is a six year waiting list for membership. Current members have to die before a new one is appointed. This is because all the members are named after characters in The Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens.

The Pickwick Club is the world’s oldest still existing bicycle club, although it’s more of a gentleman’s dining club than anything to do with cycling per se.

There’s good news for prospective members, however. Bob Chicken Snr (Bantam), a past president of the club, has closely re-read the book and has found six names not currently used by members.

The Pickwick Club is an all-male preserve and even the female characters have to be allotted to men. Members wear brass name badges, straw boater hats and natty club ties.


BikeBiz will be researching and writing about the various ‘clubs’ in the cycle trade. If you have anything to share on these clubs please pass it on eg Centenary Club, the Pedal Club as well as the Pickwick Club.

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