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By stealth, Wales now seems to be the UKs centre of bike production. Two mass-market builders set up there last year, and Bikedirect Europe making cro-mo frames has just started up. Now theres another frame maker touting for business...

Whats in Welsh water?

Although the members of the Tanat Cycle Co-operative would be the first to admit they operate on a slightly smaller scale to the Bangor and Newtown operations.

However the one-year old TCC which to date has specialised in tandems and women specific bikes is also now seeking to get into the IBD own-marque business.

The TCCs Tim Rutherford said:

Our willingness to turn our hand to almost anything means were a good team to approach for unusual projects, special frame sizes, special tour features, a classic British steel Audax machine, a world-tour tandem, or your own "in-house" branded cycle.

The cooperative based near Oswestry also makes bike-shop display and storage stands, and is about to start production of a new off-the-shelf car roof rack tandem carrier.

Tel: 01691 780195



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