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IBDs with websites have been adding their URLs to their magazine adverts for some time. But now theres a new trend...

Wholl have the best virtual bike shop?

Internet-only bike shops are slowly starting to throw their weight around. Check out the DPS and qtr page ads for such clicks and mortar shops as www.ecycles.uk.com and www.wiggle.co.uk. This last site is already self-billing itself as the number 1 UK internet on-line bike shop. It has also been sussed out by the Consumers Assocation and awarded the Which? Web Trader Code of Practice emblem, the useful marketing tool mentioned in BikeBike2.

The ecycles ad look to be a bit premature because the site doesn’t appear to be up and working yet. If anybody gets into it please let us know.

Anyway, there will be more and more such web-based IBDs launched in the future but only a few will achieve critical mass.

NB: Don’t know why but the Wiggle site contains more than just bikes: you can buy condoms and a vibrator too!!

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