The first of the year's consumer shows lands at ExCel this week, but what's in it for the trade?

Why should the trade attend the London Bike Show?

In 2013 the London Bike Show was said to have entertained around 38,000 consumers and while some of those will no doubt be curious crossovers from the adjoining outdoor and triathlon exhibitions, that makes the London Bike Show, without doubt, the largest consumer-facing bike show on the calendar in the UK at present.

Crowds of consumers packing out stands, drooling over soon to be released product isn’t necessarily conducive to the trade visitors present getting a look in, something the London show’s organisers have been keen to address to satisfy those trade members that do make the journey.

That said, over 500 trade members and growing had already registered to attend on the opening day toward the end of January. Read on to find out why the show is growing in popularity among those in the business…

Who’s taking to the stage?

The Performance theatre, which has always been filled to the brim in previous years, is set to return with a variety of pro cycling stars and brand ambassadors addressing visitors.
Among those confirmed to speak at the time of print are, Liam Phillips, Chris Hoy, Anna Gloinski, Keith Bontrager, Phil Burt, Todd Carver, Andy Pruitt and James Hewitt.

The BikeBiz Brit List and exhibitor party

Set to debut during the London Bike Show’s exhibitor party, BikeBiz has been busy collating a supplement, set for publication alongside our March print edition, that will celebrate the top 50 most influential people in the British cycling business.
The BikeBiz Brit List will be launched at the party on Thursday February 13th at The Fox @Excel.

The Total Women’s Cycling Awards

Also debuting at ExCel, the first women’s cycling awards ever in the UK, delivered by Factory Media and over 1000 voters.
With over 100,000 cyclists regularly visitng the website women’s cycling is without doubt a growing interest for the industry. See more here.

One for the dealers: Cyclefit’s symposium

The fitting landscape is built on shifting sands with almost every organisation keen to launch some new technology or initiative – so which is correct and in which should a dealer invest?
Well if that’s an area of your business you’re considering expanding, the International Cyclefit Symposium is well worth a visit. With seminars from internationally renowned scientists and bike-fitting experts, as well as a series of hands on, interactive workshops, the Cyclefit organised event will be a learning experience for beginners and shops with a history of bike fitting alike.
Phil Cavell, who has organised the event said: "The DNA of ICS is to be a completely neutral learning forum where we all leave our collective affiliations and allegiances at the door and where every person’s view is respected and weighed wherever and whomever they come from. It is vital that this independence is stubbornly maintained for everyone’s benefit."
Having said that, and seemingly in contradiction – the commercial opportunities of fitting are bought into sharp focus with ICS 2014 being held at The London Bike Show. This partnership has realised a long held ambition for Jules and Phil that ICS would incorporate some kind of public face and expo so the brain-trust of the fit-world are not completely abstracted in their conversations but indelibly connected to both the industry and consumers of bicycles.
Cyclefit will also be contributing to the Stage line-up as James Hewitt will be speaking every day of the Show.
Everyone who signs up for ICS 2014 will automatically get a pass for The London Bike and Triathlon Shows.
To register for the ICS, visit or call Cyclefit on 020 7430 00830.

Catch up with the ACT

Among the stands you’ll find the ACT, exhibiting with Cytech’s cycle training courses in mind, but also available to discuss ATG training, retail finance and what membership can do for your store.
While you’re there, why not test your mechanic’s skills against the clock with the return of the Fastest Wrench in the West competition. The Fastest Wrench requires competitors to remove an inner tube from the wheel, replace and inflate and re-assemble the brakes. Record the overall fastest time and you will be crowned The Fastest Wrench! The current record, from 2008, is set at an impressive 44.62 seconds. Free to enter, the Fastest Wrench will be running throughout all four days of the show.

Trade tickets, which grant access to all four exhibitions, are available here.

Members of the bike trade can still register to attend The London Bike Show on the Thursday here.

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