The Power Pedal from Tomax of Ireland generates its own power when in motion, lighting up three small orange LEDs. The patent-pending Pedalite pedal from Pedalite Ltd of Surrey, England, stores energy in a similar fashion and powers white, amber and red LEDs. The Pedalite pedal was premiered at Interbike.

You wait ages for a ‘dynamo’-powered flashing pedal, and then two come along at once

Pedalite uses an energy storage capacitor rather than any form of chemical battery.

"Pedalite is the only non battery-dependent bicycle pedal light with integral energy storage," says the Pedalite website.

Not quite, the Power Pedal from the inventors of the Turbospoke engine-noise maker, is also a ‘fit and forget’, energy-storing LED product.

However, of the two, it’s the Pedalite that offers the most features.

With its three, differently-coloured LEDs it offers a "unique light signature and 360° conspicuity," said Kevin Witheford, one of the directors of Pedalite Ltd., a company based in Kingston upon Thames.

"The capacitor provides residual energy enabling the pedal to flash when the cyclist freewheels or stops."

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