Zwift crunches the numbers for ’17

Online virtual cycling platform Zwift has revealed key stats from 2017, including some impressive mileage covered by users worldwide.

Overall, a total of 122,140,586 miles – or 196,582,313 kilometres – were logged on the Zwift system in 2017. This, the brand claims, is the equivalent of riding to Mars and back twice. Riders climbed almost six billion feet, or the equivalent of riding to the Moon and back more than five times.

In terms of power consumption, riders produced 11,371,782,532 watt-hours, or enough to power the city of Los Angeles for 17 days straight.

On average, riders managed to accrue 820 feet of climbing per ride and 17.5 miles per session, with those in Ontario, Vienna and Hamburg taking the top spots for most distance travelled.

Here in the UK, the stats were equally impressive with a distance of 21,940,542 miles travelled in 12 months. This included a total elevation of 319,476,855 metres.

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