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Bikebins inventor seeks new owner for business

The inventor of Bikebins is seeking a new owner for his business.

This provides the opportunity for someone to take over a limited company, which has been going for more than ten years, for no capital.

Sam Lowings, the sole owner and manager, is retiring and looking for a “younger entrepreneurial person with drive, energy and marketing skills” to take over.

The product, made for cyclists, is designed to be waterproof, protective and damp proof.

Lowings said it is a “unique, superior and cheaper to the market leader Ortlieb”.

The idea for Bikebins stemmed from Lowings’ solo bike ride from Exeter to Vladivostok in 2006, as he was unimpressed by the performance of pannier bags.

It has a small but loyal fan base, steady sales and profits and has no debt.

For further details email Sam on samlowings@hotmail.co.uk or call 01722 714 299 or 07955 604 323

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