Cycling Insight shares e-bike trends over past five years

Newly-launched research company Cycling Insight has shared e-bike trends over the past five years, and how they compare to other bike sales.

The five-year average search trend for electric bikes is 35/100 but in the last 12 months, the average is 57% higher at 55. E-bikes as a category are growing and the rate of this could be a lot faster after COVID-19, said Cycling Insight.

Over the past five years, road bikes and mountain bikes have seen a gradual decline in search interest. This is most evident at the start of the outdoors season (from April to September). But all categories have seen an “unprecedented spike” in mid-March, due to COVID-19.

Pre-COVID-19, there were 70,000 monthly searches for “electric bike” (51% aged 35-44), 110,000 for “bicycle” (48% aged 35-44) and 60,000 for “mountain bike”.

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